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We manufacture custom-built boilers specifically engineered for burning wood and paper waste materials.

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Boilers, Heaters, and Furnaces Manufactured by
Alternate Heating Systems, LLC.

Our boilers/heaters and furnaces are the core component of some of the most efficient heating systems in the world.  Whatever you need to heat - a maintenance shop, farm building, greenhouse, commercial building or residence, AHS has a Coal-Wood Boiler, Wood Gasification Boiler, or Waste Oil Boiler to meet your needs.  Our line of boilers/heaters and furnaces includes the following:

  • Coal Gun™ Automatic Stoker Coal Boilers
  • Wood Gun™ clean-burning gasification Wood Boilers (with the option of oil or electric backup and the option for automatic feeding of wood particles)
  • Waste Oil Heaters/Waste Oil Boilers
  • Multi-Fuel Boilers (any combination of wood, coal, gas, or oil)
  • Custom-built products specifically engineered for specialized industries with burnable waste materials which can be used as a fuel source

The quality of our boilers is second to none, and they may be used in both radiant heat and forced air heating systems.  They may also be used to produce process hot water for commercial applications.  When used in a residential heating system, an added benefit is that our boilers may be set up to generate hot water for drinking and washing resulting in savings on electricity costs for producing hot water.  Our boilers may be set up to work as a furnace in a forced air system by adding a hot-air exchanger.  See our page that explains boiler terminology and other heating equipment terminology to understand the difference between a boiler and a furnace and to understand the meanings of various words used in describing heating equipment.  AHS boilers, waste oil heaters and wood furnaces/boilers are designed to function as a primary heating system but may be installed in tandem with an existing boiler or furnace.  The existing unit then becomes a backup unit.

Try an Alternate Heating Systems Coal, Waste Oil, Multi-Fuel, or wood gasification Wood Boiler and experience the difference!


Upcoming Shows!

Get A Closer look at the Leaders in the Solid Fuel Market, Meet members of the AHS Factory Team, and you might even win a Stihl Chainsaw. Alternate Heating Systems will be at Empire Farm Days in Seneca Falls, NY on August 11, 12, 13.

On August August 18, 19, 20, we will be at Ag Progress Days, held at Rock Springs, PA.

Price Breaks!

June 1, 2009: Alternate Heating Systems now certifying the Wood Gun for the new Energy Tax Credit. New purchasers of the Wood Gun will receive, upon request, a manufacturer provided certificate of eligibility. Consult with a tax professional for details about applying for the credit when you file your taxes. See Also: Biomass Stove Qualifications.

May 5, 2009: Alternate Heating Systems is offering up to a $1500 price break on new boiler orders for boilers requiring the ASME "H" stamp!!!

Somewhat Older News

March 2009: Alternate Heating Systems has expanded production capacity with a new facility for welding and fabrication. New boilers will be stocked for immediate sale this spring and summer.

2009, March 31 - April 2: Alternate Heating Systems will be at the 49th Annual Wisconsin Public Service Farm Show in Oshkosh. Drop in and speak with Patrick Conley, see the Wood Gun™ and register to win a Stihl chain saw. 

2009, Tuesday, January 6 - Thursday January 8: Alternate Heating Systems representative Patrick Conley will be at the Keystone Farm Show, York County Fairgrounds. Look for our display near the Toyota Arena.

Spring 2007:  Alternate Heating Systems, LLC. has expanded our boiler production facilities.

December 21, 2006:  Alternate Heating Systems, LLC. presents our five-step process to buying a boiler including our new BTU Calculator/Heat Loss Calculator

June 3, 2005:  Alternate Heating Systems, LLC. announces the new Thermo Ash-Monitoring Control option for the Coal Gun™ Automatic Stoker.  This system improves upon timer-controlled grates by only moving the grate when needed thus maintaining peak energy output automatically.




Including designs formerly from Eshland Enterprises


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